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If you are sexually active, doctors recommend ALWAYS using a condom to prevent the spread of disease from one individual to another.  Unfortunately, sometimes we fall short of always having a condom around which leads to the direct exposure of infection between yourself and your sexual partner.  Some of the diseases that are passed from one person to the other include HIV, Aids, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, HPV & Genital Warts.

Sleeping with anyone without protection puts you at serious risk for any or all of these disease; some of them are worse than others but the one thing they all have in common is that you want to avoid them at all costs.

Read this material for proper prevention handling:





Infections can come in many shapes and sizes, and although we can do many things to prevent them in the first place, the only real excuse we have in dealing with them is that we never have to let them linger for too longer.  As of 2014, the CDC and doctor’s around the United States unanimously agree that ALL (that’s each and every one of you) sexually active people should at a minimum have an STD test once a year, given they are using condoms or some form of protection 100% of the times they are having intercourse.  That’s right.  If you have sex with a condom every single time you should still be getting a screening from a health clinic once every twelve months.  If you happen to sleep with someone without a condom then, you guessed it, you should be getting a screening within 48-72 hours at a MAXIMUM, and that is also every – single – time.  There are no excuses, no reasons not to, if you have unprotected sex, even if its with your own god damn mother, you should be getting a test.  And really, today, there is no reason not to get tested — it takes less than 15 minutes if you schedule your appointment online ahead of time and results will be back to you within 48 hours.  Imagine that, you get to know within 48 hours whether or not its safe for you to continue having unprotected sex with someone.  Here at localstdtest.net, we highly recommend doing your research on the clinic you choose (especially in Southern California), as some clinics have been known to give false positives or misreport on false negatives.  Your health and safety are our #1 concern and thats why we have relationships with the most trustable centers in the business.  Our doctors have over 30 years of experience each in administering sexually transmitted disease panels, so be sure to check out our next pages and our bios and choose the one you think you trust the most.

Luckily, all is not lost, we can now test for almost every form of STD found today.  Click through to our partner site or call to find the best clinic near you.

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