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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are quite common these days. However, the types of tests that affected individuals can undergo vary depending on the risk factors involved. It is important for individuals to be tested regularly if they are sexually active, particularly those who engage in sexual intercourse. In that regard, STD testing is important for some common infections. These common STD infections include:Chlamydia

To diagnose Chlamydia, health care providers conduct a pelvic exam where the genitals are examined for any signs of infection. In addition, a cervical swab will be taken which is similar to a pap smear to test for presence of the bacteria that is responsible for Chlamydia. Urine tests can also be conducted.Gonorrhea Symptoms of this infection are abdominal pain and yellow or green genital discharge. Gonorrhea is mainly diagnosed through a culture test or a physical examination. If you need a clinic in portland.The culture test is the most accurate test compared to the urine test. Usually when testing for gonorrhea through the culture test, samples of the genital discharge are used.

Genital Herpes There are generally two kinds of genital herpes, which are herpes simplex virus type 1 and HSV type 2. Most infections are mainly caused by the HSV-2.Most people will never know they are infected because the disease exhibits little or no symptoms. For diagnosis, a doctor may visually examine the area for herpes sores. There are also blood tests and viral tests that can be carried out and these are the most effective methods of detecting herpes. Find herpes testing panels in Charlotte.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)HIV is mainly tested using a blood sample test that is known as the HIV antibody test. For this test, blood samples are drawn and tested for the existence of HIV antibodies in the system of the patient. If antibodies are present, then the individual is considered as being HIV positive and HIV negative if no antibodies are detected. It is best to be tested after three months from the time you think you are infected as HIV virus takes about three months to become noticeable in your blood system.

This disease is caused the parasite Trichomonas Vaginalis. Diagnosis of this STD is done through a pelvic examination, as the physician will feel any sores in the cervix. A more accurate technique is the cervical swab that is taken so that presence of the parasite can be tested in the laboratory. Cleveland Locations.

This disease occurs in different stages and the testing also varies from one stage to another. For initial stage, diagnosis can be made through a physical examination and a fluid sample testing that is taken from the chancre sores. Therefore, one must have visible chancres sores for this diagnosis to be performed. For the second stage, physical exams include checking the lymph nodes and any bodily rash. A blood test is also carried out to detect antibodies for the syphilis bacteria. For the last stage of infection, a Cerebrospinal Fluid Test is performed. Spinal fluid samples are collected and evaluated to confirm the magnitude of the infection.

STD testing is important for everyone. This is because people can easily be infected with sexually transmitted diseases without even knowing. It is important for both men and women to consult their physicians so that any infections are treated as early.

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