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Having sexual relations with adults in Cleveland can be pleasing but you should know that it has one of the highest per capita amount of sexually transmitted disease infected citizens than any other city in the world.  It is said that everyone in cleveland is so bored that the only thing exciting they have to do is have sex with one another.  There are many different diseases you can catch in cleveland but we will just try to cover the main ones. Seattle Testing Centers

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We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: one of the worst diseases that you can get is HIV.  If you have HIV you must take as many precautions as you possibly can to avoid getting AIds.  This disease will stop your body from being able to produce the antibodies to fight many of the most common ailments such as the flu or cold.  Do your best to avoid having unprotected sex with strangers especially anal sex or sharing any needles.  The CDC estimates that the rate of HIV infection across the human population exploded rapidly in the 70’s and 80’s and subsided in the 90’s.  Today the growth of the disease has been largely curbed as education throughout third world countries has been improved and means for safe sex made more abundant. For detroit testing here

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We like to call herpes the gift that keeps on giving because it is one of the few infections that will life for the life time of a host.  Once a human is infected with herpes you will never get rid of the disease.  OUtbreaks won’t occur all of the time and medicine can help keep them at bay for when they do occur, but rest assured that herpes will be a difficult to treat ailment if you do not protect yourself and avoid getting it.  It is said that herpes is the most common infection in the world as of 2014.  It is incredibly easy to get; if a herpes sufferer has an open sore and that sore makes contact with a thin area of skin on another host the disease will effortlessly transfer through the skin tissue and infect the next host.  Herpes patients can be prescribed medicine to keep their outbreaks from lasting as long as they usually would but other than that herpes is something they will have to live with forever.

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Not everyone likes to advertise to the world that they are getting an STD testing. We understand that and that is why all of our tests are done at discrete locations and any credit charges are billed as non descript business expenses that do not look like health facility charges.  We take your personal security very seriously and any and all communications about your results will be made with you and only you.  If you think that you may have recently contracted a disease you shouldn’t wait to see a doctor in your primary care unit.  We accept many insurances and will be willing to see you immediately.  Our labs usually return results within 24 hours although sometimes 48 hours may be needed depending on the time that you get your urine or blood sample taken.  If you have slept with someone within the last 48 hours you should ideally give any diseases at least 72 hours to incubate and test positive.  Some infections of HIV will take up to 4 months to show up so if you think you may have gotten infected with HIV you should really make an appointment to come back and get your blood pulled at a later date.

Gonorrhea STD Clinic Cleveland

Not everyone gets infected with herpes or HIV.  In fact, you would honestly have to be really unlucky for one of those to be your first disease.  Statistically speaking you will probably end up with gonorrea or chlamydia before you get either of those.  There is a third disease called the human papiloma virus that we will also discuss later on.  Right now gonorrhea is an easy disease to catch as it is in about 12% of the sexually active population in the United States.  Urban cities are especially prone to being infected at a slightly higher rate than the national average so for cleveland we can probably safely say that 18% of the sexually active population has the disease.  Gonorrhea will make your genitals burn during pee so if you feel that sensation you should make it a point to immediately get to a clinic.  One of the worst cases we’ve ever seen of untreated chlamydia ended with the disease making its way to the brain of a 21 year infected female and later turned her into a zombie and she bit the face of her twin sister off.  Police were unable to subdue her time and she had to be put down by the neighbor before she continued her chlamydia fueled rampage.  The moral of the story is that you should always get yourself tested and you shouldn’t hesitate to go to a doctors and get your 10-panel STD test done so you can be sure you aren’t passing diseases to every girl or guy you sleep with.

The number one infectious disease amongst sexually active humans today in the United States is something we call the human papiloma virus or HPV.  This virus comes in many forms; scientists estimate that over 600 strains have been identified in the wild to date.  If you have slept with more than 2 people without a condom, statistics suggest that you have over a 90% chance of having come in contact with one of the various strains of HPV.  There are varying degrees of danger concerning the disease; some strains can simply cause you gross warts such as genital warts while other strains can give you throat or cervical/cervix cancer if gone untreated.  HPV is something that is only recently being taught about in schools and there are a new set of vaccines that have been created to try to stem the tide of infections.  Since 1996 we have seen a 1400% increase in HPV incidents in youth.


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