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Locating STD screening clinics in Los Angeles, California has never been easier thanks to LocalStdTest.net.  Our doctors and clinics span from pales verdes, up to the border of ventura, over to the west side of Orange County.  Whether you think you’ve been infected with or come in contact with herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, HIV, or any other sexually transmitted disease, come see our doctors and you’ll find out within 24-48 hours if you have a disease or not.  If you do indeed find out that your blood tests positive for any of the diseases screened for, our doctors can write you a prescription or do whatever is needed to get you better (given it’s not one of the ‘permanent’ diseases).

You may also this use this site as a resource to find update-to-date news and information on sexually transmitted disease prevention/testing methods, medications, and all other things STD related.  If a doctor events a new medicine that can be used to treat your disease or infection then we will have that information here exclusively before any other reporter or website because we have ties into one of the research firms that does the world’s most research into viral disease prevention methods.

So what do the world’s doctor’s say are the very best prevention methods that you can use today in 2014 to attempt to refrain from receiving an infection from an encounter out in a bar?  Well first of the only way you can truly be sure that you never get anything is by abstaining from all forms of sexual activity.  This is obviously an unreasonable request so there a series of best practices that you should always follow in order to protection your physical and sexual health.  The number one rule that doctors unanimously agree about is that you should at all times, no matter what, always use a condom during sexual intercourse.  The only time that doctors suggest it is ok to not use protection is during a monogamous relationship where both parties are not sleeping with outside parties.  Oral sex can also transfer disease so one should be careful when giving or receiving oral sex that their partner is clean and not passing disease this way.

The general rule of thumb is that you should have an STD test every 3-6 months depending on how sexually active you are; the more partners you have in close succession, the more often you should be getting tested at your local std screening clinic.  Some clinics may charge you money, while others may offer their services for free.  In our experience across thousands of individuals seeking std blood and urine analysis, the private companies are infinitely more accurate in their findings and speedy in their reporting than the free options.  Most of free clinics are booked for weeks at a time and something that not many people know about certain infections is that if they are left untreated they can significantly reduce the fertility of either the sperm in the male or the egg in the female. Find an even greater selection of STD Tests in Los Angeles at our sister site.




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