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Sleeping around in New York City can be a nerve wrenching task if you don’t wear the proper protection like a condom before sexual intercourse.  Because it is such a big city you really have to take extra precautions to protect yourself from getting any unwanted diseases like syphilis or herpes or HPV or genital warts.  A lot of these diseases will only be cosmetic issues or something that eventually goes away with medicine but some of them like HIV and Herpes have much worse consequences.  Herpes only lasts as a series of outbreaks for the rest of your life but it doesn’t threaten your actual life.  On the other hand HIV can turn into the AIDS virus which eliminates your body’s ability to protect itself from any disease.  That means if you get infected with HIV you can get killed by the common cold or flu.  It is important to know the incubation period for HIV.

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If you think you may have come in contact with it you want to check immediately and then follow up with more tests at the 4 week and 8 week point.  If all tests come back clear you may want to come back for a 3rd test at the 3 month and 6 month point just to alleviate any fear that you did contract HIV but it just didn’t come up in your test for an extended period of time.

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The next worst thing (next to HIV) many will say is herpes.  You can contract herpes and not know that you have it for a year or more until the outbreaks occur and then you will have open sores on your genitals.  If you think you may have come in contact with herpes it is important not to have sexual contact with anyone until you have at least been tested for 2-3 months while the virus incubates in your blood stream.

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The herpes virus is an incredibly common disease among humans and it is estimated that almost 1 in 5 americans has the herpes virus.  There are two forms of the virus both simplex 1 and simplex 2 but the more traditional one is not necessarily passed through sexual contact.  If you do have any open cold sores make sure not to engage in oral sex as you can transfer non sexual herpes from your mouth to the genitals and cause an unwanted infection of the area.

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We have worked to find the best locations in NYC so you can see any doctor you please within your neighborhood limits.  Finding an STD testing clinic in New York can be hard but rest assured that we have looked at every health center and clinic in the city and the ones we have made partners with have the most competent doctors and the most accurate tests.  You can expect that all of your results will remain private and the fact that you even got tested in the first place will also remain a secret.  You will be the only one that will ever know that you may or may not have slept with the maid or with your assistant or secretary.

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As long as you didn’t get any diseases your wife will never know as the obscure credit card reference we run through our merchants comes out as something that doesn’t relate to sexually transmitted disease testing.  If you haven’t been to a doctor in the past year you should get tested regardless of what you are currently doing sexually.  A lot of STDs will remain dormant in your body for months or years and if you don’t treat them in time you may never be able to have kids.

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