Find STD Testing Clinics in Oakland For Anonymous and Confidential Disease Screening

It is important to remain healthy while you are in Oakland, Ca.  There are many ways to ensure you are healthy by exercising or eating well but another important factor that individuals often forget is to check in on their sexual health.  Doctors estimate that every year over 80% of sexually transmitted disease cases could be prevented if one of the partners had just gotten tested before having unprotected sex with another individual.  Often times most of the diseases that can be passed sexually can be cured within a 1-2 week period of taking the prescribed antibiotics. oakland std testing centers here Because Oakland is in the bay area, it is very important to make sure you see a doctor for any sexual experiences you have with unknown persons whether or not you use protection.  A lot of people don’t know this but just because you use a condom to protect yourself during sex does not 100% guarantee that no diseases will be passed from one person to the other.  This is because not all diseases need to be passed through direct fluid exchange; the skin around the genitals is often sensitive and thin enough for infections to simply cross from one person to the other via skin contact on the scrotum or upper thighs. Some of the various types of diseases that you can contract include syphillis, gonorrhea, HIV, herpes and HPV.  Bacterial Vaginosis is also something that many ladies complain about and if you have any discomfort in your vaginal region you should immediately get tested just to be sure. HPV comes in many different shapes and forms, some of the HPV strains cause diseases like genital warts.  Although genital warts is incredibly traumatizing for some individuals because of the social stigma associated with having active warts and scars on ones genitalia; the actual health implications of that particular strain of HPV aren’t too dire.  It is mostly just a cosmetic issue that many people live with their entire lives.  If you do happen to get a more malicious strain of HPV you could end up with throat cancer or some other form of cancer.  HPV is estimated to be spread in about 1 out of every 4 sexually active individuals and if you’ve slept with more than to people there is a 90% chance that you’ve already come in contact with the virus. Herpes is another virus that you can come in contact with relatively easily and the painful reprecussions will be felt for the rest of your life.  Make sure to never sleep with a new partner while you have a herpes outbreak or you will undoubtedly give it away.  Make sure that you do your best to make it to the STD testing clinic in Oakland if you think you may have come in contact with a disease and you plan on still being sexually active.  You are doing yourself and your future partners a huge favor by making sure that you sexual parts are uninfected from many of the common diseases like HPV, herpes, Syphilis, gonorrea, aids, and more. Back to more locations, Pittsburgh, Ventura, San Antonio, oakland hiv testing