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Look no further!  We have located the closest STI screening facilities near you.  Order your test online with our coupon and receive 10% off your test. Whether you are a sexually active teen or adult, keeping up on your sexual health is an imperative step for living a long healthy life.  If you happen to live in Newport Beach, you probably have multiple STD’s and should immediately go to our nearest location.  Sex is as easy to find in the Newport Beach bar scene, as fat people are at The Hat.  You’ll probably never hear a truer phrase than “if she let you hit it without a condom, she let everyone before you as well”.  Do yourself a favor and immediately check yourself for herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, genital warts, or any of the other diseases that are floating around the streets of Balboa. Some signs that you might look out for that could indicate possible infection include rashes spreading from your genitals to your toes, a horrible burning sensation coming from your respective private part while urinating, getting pale and having AIDS, or even worse, falling pregnant.  Sexually transmitted diseases can be cured; children cannot.  If you are infected with a child, you may end up passing him or her your herpes so its best to just not bring them into the world in the first place… lets be honest, the world doesn’t need any more children from Orange County. Hopefully that video eases your mind on how easy is it these days to get tested.  You literally have no excuse for passing around diseases from your mistresses to your wife; just get to the near clinic or testing center and wait 24 hours for your results… its really that simple. Sexually active adults need STI testing just as much as they need to see their dentist or any other physician.  Make sure to prioritize STD testing in your life so you know that the next time you need to lay down some pipe on a prostitute in Santa Ana, you won’t be giving her herpes (not that she didn’t already have it).  At the end of the day it would be nice if we could all wear condoms every single time we have intercourse.  Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the wave of idiocy that overwhelms us when orgasm is in the distance.  More often than we’d like to admit, “just the tip” ends up in full blown ball slapping, back scratching, organ dislodging sex.  And then almost like magic, at the exact moment in time as if one were connected to the other, the regret starts to fade in.  Slowly at first; just a tingle of regret creeps up your spin into your neurological dashboard.  Pretty soon the party is over and you are officially cursing yourself for how stupid you had to be to put your erect penis in crazy again. If you indeed do test positive don’t fret it happens all the time: It’s really not the end of the world to end up with an STD or STI.  As long as you steer clear of AIDS, you will be A-OK. Here is some more info on the breakdown between different diseases: HPV: HPV or the human papillomavirus is incredibly common amongst humans;  Out of the 40 different strains, all of them can infect your genitals.  It’s easily passed through skin to skin contact and can also be transmitted through oral sex by either the male going down on the female, or the other way around. human papilloma virushpv std testing HPV vaccines in the united states are regulated and forced to go through many different trials to determine their safety before they are allowed to be used on the public.  Currently, there are two different vaccines that you may get: gardasil and cervarix.  These are only for females to help them protect against the two types of HVP that lead to cervical cancer.  Both of these have been determined to be relatively safe, after almost 30,000 tests have been run on females and males before it was released to the public.  Ongoing monitoring of results will notice any changes in the safety of the vaccines.


Chlamydia: This is reportedly the most common std in the United States of America, according to doctors and health clinics across the country.  Even if you don’t think you have chlamydia, you should still get tested once a year, as it is relatively easy to contract the disease without knowing.  It is incredibly easy to cure, however if left untreated it renders the female body unable to have children in many cases.  Infertility can be one of the devastating effects of leaving an STD untreated, although it’s pretty disgusting if you just let your crotch burn for any extended period of time without feeling the need to consult a physician or get medical help.  If your pee burns anytime around sex, or anytime in general, you should generally assume that its time to stop by your local clinic in southern california and get yourself a full panel STD test.


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As you can see, getting infected with an STD is something that happens to a lot of people and you shouldn’t really worry about it at the end of the day.  If you do manage to get infected just make sure that you are vigilante in using protection FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Do not ever sleep with someone again without protection, its really that simple.  But really, if you’ve slept with someone you have an 80% chance of being exposed to HPV, if you’ve slept with more than 3 people (in the US), you have a 90% chance of being exposed.  HPV is a very common STD but the bad version of it comes in the form of genital warts. If you need to find STD testing in any other regions, please head back to our home page , or find cleveland, detroit, phoenix  orange county hiv testing