HIV Testing Philadelphia

HIV is the virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HELP). You could acquire HIV by discussing blood, semen and also vaginal secretions with a person contaminated with the virus, as an example by having sex or discussing needles person. Expectant ladies infected with HIV could also pass the virus to their children throughout birth or with bust milk. HIV assaults the body immune system of our physical body so we can not battle pathogens and also diseases.
Usually, for the first 7-10 years of HIV infection, there are no symptoms. When symptoms appear, differ from person to person. A few of the signs and symptoms that many people experience in early stage of HIV condition are: night perspirations, fever, unusual weight-loss and also extreme, consistent diarrhea, tiredness (fatigue), nausea, puking, puffy lymph glandulars, headaches, as well as persistent completely dry cough. The last stage of HIV condition is AIDS, where numerous life-threatening infections could cause major special needs and/ or fatality. There is no cure for HIV infection.

How right after exposure do signs show up?

HIV could cause signs at any time from the moment of infection till 10 years later on or perhaps much longer. This will certainly differ from person to person. Many people confuse the moment that HIV takes just before causing symptoms with the time it takes for an antibody driving test revealing good for HIV which is 3-6 months after infection or exposure.

How long can an infected individual lug the virus?

A person contaminated with the virus will certainly take the body for the rest of his life.

How do you examine for HIV?

The HIV test is a blood examination that establishes whether the physical body has had immune feedback to the infection. It requires time for the body to generate such a reaction. 3 months after infection, the examination is 90 % exact. After six months, the test is 95 % exact. If you feel you have actually been exposed to the virus, you need to think about obtaining an HIV test after 3 months. For assurance, you can acquire an additional examination after 3 months. If you are frequently placing on your own in jeopardy, you are encouraged to obtain tested every 6 months.

Exactly how is HIV infection addressed?

Typically initially never need any therapy. Nevertheless, there are now a a great deal of drugs used to decrease the illness. When a person has AIDS, there are many substance abuse to address a number of conditions that could attack the physical body. A person with HIV infection need to speak to your medical professional about treatment choices.

How can you avoid HIV infection?

Since the virus is passed SIMPLY through 4 body fluids, the best method to avoid HIV infection is no contact with blood, semen, vaginal liquids, or breast milk of a contaminated individual. Abstinence (not making love or sharing needles) is the only 100 % certain way to prevent infection. There is no vaccine to prevent HIV. If abstinence, monogamy is not experimented an individual who does not have HIV infection is the best way to stay clear of ending up being infected. Monogamy suggests having consistently one sexual partner for the long term, which likewise is faithful to you. Besides these two ways, safer sex is the best. Much safer sex means using a prophylactic for anal sex, dental, or vaginal. If you discuss needles (for medications, anabolic steroids, tattoos, or physical body piercing), tidy. If you are contaminated, notify your family members as well as others with whom you discuss needles instantly so they can be checked.