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Have you been infected with a sexually transmitted disease in Phoenix Arizona and are you looking for a clinic to make sure you have or haven’t contracted an infection?  Well, you’re in luck because we have offices all across the United States and have an especially large presence in the greater phoenix area.

Arizona has an unusually high rate of disease infection due to the fact that there isn’t really anything to do there in the desert so people end up having sexual intercourse as often as possible.  They also get bored with having sexual intercourse with eachother, and often stray from one to the other as rapidly as possible, spreading diseases with them as they go through the nights in other peoples beds.

Disease are a natural part of life, they have been around for thousands of years and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  Diseases do have a natural role in life: they help to stop populations from rising too quickly and help protect the earth’s resources.  One example of this in action is the HIV virus, which kills those it infects rather quickly.  Less serious diseases such as BV (bacterial vaginosis).  BV isn’t as serious as some of the other infections mainly because it doesn’t even have to come from sexual intercourse to affect people.  Bacterial vaginosis can be taken care of through a simple amount of prescription pills that your doctors will give you as soon as you get tested.  One of the main important reasons that we get tested is that we never know what we are or aren’t carrying.  In a recent study, scientists actually discovered that most (yes the majority) of diseases that are sexual in nature are actually unknown to those who have them.  Yes, more often than not, individuals carrying and passing diseases do not actually know that they have the disease in the first place.  The reason why this can happen is a lot of different diseases manifest in different ways when you are looking at males vs females.

You should do your best to educate yourself on what diseases look like and especially on the types of the diseases that don’t look like anything, but end up causing you serious problems later on.  You should know that HPV is the most popular STD in the world, with most people that are sexually active eventually being infected in their lives.  If you don’t get HPV early in life, you are certain to come in contact with it at a later point as the disease is getting worse and worse and almost everyone has been infected.

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The second most common disease is genital herpes.  A lot of people, and we mean a lot, actually get very lucky and never show signs of having herpes.  They can still pass it from person to person, but they don’t actually have any of the open sores.  A lot of times females can have open sores on their vagina on the inside so you have to be very concerned with the fact that you should be concerned with the things you can’t see as well as the things you can see.


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