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If you’re a sexually active adult in Portland, Oregon chances are you need to find a clinic to occasionally get a full panel STD test or exam in. A lot of clinics around the city advertise themselves as ‘free’ but there are a few things you need to know before going to one of these free clinics. These types of clinics only test for the most basic diseases but there are a bunch of other infections that you can get that won’t show up on their tests and if you let them go untreated you risk damaging your body and you will have to pay a lot more money in the end than if you were to just get a full panel test at one of the many portland locations. Lots of times you may sleep with someone who you think is clean only to find out months later that they indeed did have some sort of disease. HPV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, all of these diseases can lay dormant for long periods of time so you continue to infect unknowing strangers and friends before you yourself even know you are infected. portland hiv testing

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Portland HIV Testing Centers

If you think you may have been exposed to HIV you should immediately find one of our clinics and book yourself an appointment. Unlike other diseases, HIV has serious consequences that often results in death. Do not be alarmed though, if you catch it early enough doctors can help your body fight the disease and try to keep the AIDs virus away. Once you have AIDs your body loses its ability to fight germs from the outside and you risk dying from any sort of sickness like the cold or flu because your body can’t fight them off. Although HIV is predominantly in the homosexual and african american communities, you should take special precautions no matter what because it has spread to a large amount of the heterosexual population. You should be careful to not only always have protected sex but also avoid using any sort of needles that another human being has used as this is another common way for HIV to spread from one person to another.

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Herpes simplex II and I are both very common infections among the human population. One of these diseases can be spread through non sexual contact like from a mother to her child but the other kind is the genital herpes variety which can be very painful both physically and also cause embarrassment because of the open sores that result when someone is dealing with an outbreak. Herpes comes and goes in waves in terms of its visible appearance but once you’ve contracted the herpes virus, you are stuck with it for the rest of your life. If you have herpes you should tell all future partners that you have been infected and always make sure to use a condom as to stop the spread of the virus. Even though it is difficult to give herpes to another person if there is not an active outbreak, you should always be concerned about containing the virus if you have been infected. It is your social duty to tell other sexual partners beforehand what the risks are associated with the diseases and it is immoral to sleep with other individuals without revealing the information. You’ve managed to get the disease so you can manage to tell others about it.

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Our test facilities boast both speed and also confidentiality. Your test results should be back to you within 48 hours although sometimes it will be back within 24 hours. None of the locations are readily apparent as STD testing facilities and all billing will come in as a non descript payment. Please do your best to keep yourself educated on what it means to be responsible about your sexual health.

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