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Are you in need of a sexually transmitted disease test in San Diego, California (or anywhere in Southern California)?  You’re in luck because we have facilities in almost every single city in Southern California so you can order your test online, show up whenever you make your appointment to the clinic, and find out results on whether or not you’re clean within 48 hours (most of the time it only takes 24 hours).

After a simple blood test, we will be able to see the various antibodies in your blood that tell us whether or not you are infected with a viral disease such as gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, herpes, HSV, AIDS, HIV, or any of the other diseases floating around.  Once infected with any of these diseases, your body immediately starts manufacturing cells to stop them, and the presence of these cells indicates whether or not the infection has occurred.

San Diego STD Clinic Locations

One of the first things to know when being a sexually active adult is that you have a window of opportunity to take care of testing yourself after being infected.  Many individuals will only get tested once or twice a year; sometimes they will go much longer.  The CDC recommends getting testing every 3 months regardless of whether or not you are sleeping with others without a condom.  This is because STDs can be passed through the tissue around the genitals and a condom simply doesn’t protect you 100% of the time.  Yes, using protection like a condom is an obvious necessity if you are sleeping with people today, but you should know that these are not 100% effective solutions.  For instance, the most common STD, HPV, or the Human Papiloma Virus, can spread to the ballsack of males very easily, despite the fact that he wears a condom when with an infected female.  This is because in order to pass from one individual to another, the infection must cross through skin where the protection is down.  The body has thick skin all around except for in two places: the genitals and the eye lids.  The skin around the ballsack is so thin that infection can occur in this region.  Many males have been extremely dissappointed to find out from their health practitioner that they were indeed infected with HPV even though they went through the ‘trouble’ of using a condom.  As always, educating yourself is the number one way to prevent diseases.  Not only does HPV pass through areas like the ballsack, but diseases such as Herpes can also jump directly to the skin around the genitals, and doesn’t necessarily have to spread directly to the genitals.

SD testing clinics

When searching for an STD screening clinic in southern california, its incredibly important to know what to look for and what to avoid.  You always want to avoid “free std testing clinics” as these are not actually free.  Yes they may not charge you, but they don’t have the proper equipment to test the range of levels that is needed to truly determine whether or not you have a disease.  Because of clinics like these, many individuals have thought they were clean, only to continue having sexual intercourse with others and pass them the diseases they would have known they had if they went to a clinic with proper equipment.  More often than not, these places are not where you want to place your health.  Take into consideration this important factoid before going to one of these ‘free’ locations: chlamydia is one of the least harmful STDs if caught early and treated through antibiotics.  Often times 3-4 days is enough treatment to completely iradicate the infection.  Now what happens if a chlamydia infection goes untreated for a long period of time?  Both males and females can and do become infertile due to the damage caused by prolonged chlamydia infection.  Now imagine that you get tested and the clinic tells you that you don’t have anything to worry about, six months later you realize that you do have something to worry about.  but its too late, not only have you lost the chance to reproduce but its very possible they might have to fully amputate your entire penis!  Shocking, but true story.

san diego std testing centers

One of the major reasons that you should be constantly getting tested in San Diego is because of the alarming report that San Diego has one of the highest averages of people infected with diseases when compared to other major cities around the united states.  This might be because california in general tends to attract better looking people, or it might be because californians in general tend to get incredibly drunk and make stupid decisions, but whatever the reason the rate of infection in san diego specifically is much higher than the surrounding areas.  So what should you do if you think you’ve been infected?  You should definitely get tested early and often, especially before you think you’ve been infected, but if you do think you are infected don’t fret, we have plenty of doctors at clinics on almost every major suburb in the area ready to give you testing.

Do yourself a favor and get tested at a clinic near you, today.  Or if you’re not in san diego, checkout out our other testing locations here, specifically our seattle, cleveland, orange county san diego hiv testing