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So you’re in San Francisco and you need to get you or one of your loved ones tested for diseases. You have come to the right place. You can use our clinic locator to find a doctor or health center around you that can help you out with a completely 100% private & confidential test administered in a lab near your home.

Our company has contracted with clinics around the city and doctors are waiting around the corner from right now to perform the tests. Our labs usually get results back to you within 24 hours although it could take 48 hours in some circumstances.

If you’ve slept with someone without protection in the last week, or even inbetween right now and your last checkup, you should make sure to get a test done or else you’ll be in big trouble once you realize that your genitals are no longer useful. The CDC estimates that nearly 30% of all sexually active adults have a disease and almost 70% of them have contracted one in their lifetime. If you’ve slept with more than three people there is a 90% chance that you’ve come in contact with one of the many various forms of HPV.

Being a young adult in the city of san francisco can mean a lot of good things for you and your friends but you should be aware that when you do drink alcohol and sleep with random people you endanger your sexual health. You should always try to have one partner at a time if you are having unprotected sex, as this could easily introduce foreign diseases in the relationship by not practicing monogamy.

Anonymous Std centers

To see one of our doctors all you have to do is sign up online and the bill will be charged to your credit card under a discrete charge so your loved ones or anyone snooping through the receipts won’t be able to tell what you’ve been up to. Anonymous and confidential testing is one thing that we pride ourselves on providing for the residents of san francisco and the bay area in general. If you think you may have a burning sensation during urination or you have other discomfort or tingling in your genitals you should probably play it safe and come get tested just in case. A lot of diseases can be easily treated with a simple round of anti biotics but you need to get them into your system relatively early or you risk damaging your ability to have children in the future.

std testing centers in SF

Syphilis is one disease that needs to be treated immediately; untreated cases can cause the virus to spread to your brain and make you go crazy. Imagine getting an STD and turning into a lunatic… would that be worth it or do you think you should probably have seen a doctor before it got worse? The reason that most individuals don’t get tested as often as they should (and also the reason that STDs are increasing in infection rates across the world more so than anytime before in history) is because some people are embarrassed about the stigma associated with the diseases. Unfortunately the stigma can’t kill you… what can kill you is leaving a disease and letting it go untreated — you never want to risk your health because of an embarrassing issue — see your physician or one of our test location physicians and all of your worries should be taken care of.

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