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If you are in San Jose, California and you think that you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease by sleeping with a male or female without a condom (or even with a condom because diseases can be spread with just skin to skin contact) then you should probably get into a local clinic and see a doctor that can administer a test to help you see if you are infected with one of the multiple strains of diseases. Some of the most common infections include things like herpes and gonorrhea, and siphillis but if you are very unlucky you can end up getting something like hiv.

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One of the scariest diseases to get is the human immunodeffeciency virus. Once inside its host (you) the disease works by spreading to each of your white blood cells and reducing their ability to do anything substantial like clean up infections and bad cells. Once you white blood cells shut down your body no longer has a way to protect itself and you become prone to catching any disease or sickness that may be traveling in the air or in the germs on your door knob. Those who are found to have HIV usually end up with aids and that can quickly kill you.

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We understand that std testing should be a confidential thing — we provide safe and anonymous same-day STD testing to our clients. We have worked with clinics all around the san jose area to find the very best std testing locations so that you and your loved ones may hav ean office to go to and a doctor that can care for you right around the comfort of your own home. Response time is very important when it comes to being infected with a sexually transmitted disease — if you wait too long to treat a disease then you leave yourself suscesptible to becoming infertile for the rest of your life or getting some other kind of sickness stemming as a result. You can never be too careful when it comes to your sexual health so make sure that you know the risks associated with any of the sexual activities you partake in.

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All residents of the county should ideally be checking for new infections with their doctor once every quarter or after every unprotected sexual encounter with a new mate. Following these steps could be the difference between remaining sexually healthy and active and being completely sad and depressed.
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