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If you happen to be more sexually active there are high possibilities of you contracting sexually transmitted disease. However, there is a way to prevent this and that way is to always use protection although it is not a guarantee that you cannot still be infected with STD. For that reason, it is always advisable to go for STD testing on regular basis. STD tests involve the testing of urine, blood and semen and depend upon factors such as your sexual behaviors, age and other risk factors. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you in person should go for sexually transmitted disease testing.

*Avoid spreading the disease

The main reason why sexually active people should be tested for STD’s on regular basis is to avoid spreading the disease to anyone else. Most STD’s like gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes are easily spread so if you happen to be sexually active there are good possibilities of spreading it to any partner you have. To avoid this, have STD testing done on regular basis.

*Symptoms take time to appear

This is another good reason to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases regularly. In most cases, it may take weeks or months for the signs and symptoms of an STD to appear. This means you can have the STD for quite a very long time before you even realize it. And during this time you will likely spread it to your other partners. On the other hand, remember that the earlier you are tested, the early you will get treated. Early treatment limits the effects of the disease in most cases.

*STD’s are serious health risk

Sexually transmitted disease can be a very serious risk hence it’s important to go for testing. There are some STD’s which are more of a nuisance than any other health problem. They may cause very serious medical problems and eventually death. A good example is syphilis which is easily curable but because of the difficulty of recognizing it in oneself, it is very dangerous and can lead to death.

*Avoid embarrassment

Most sexually transmitted diseases can really look very unappealing because of visible symptoms. For this reason, nobody will want to walk with an STD which is well known because of embarrassment. Therefore, the earlier you begin treatment the less likely it is that you will have physical symptoms. Going for an STD testing regularly is therefore important to avoid having physical signs that are embarrassing.

*Reminds one of the risks associated with having sex

If you make it a habit of being tested for STD, you will always remember the risks associated with having sex with different partners. This should help you limit yourself to safe sex only with one partner. Therefore, the act of going for testing regularly serves as the best reminder of the reason you should be safe when having sex. This helps a lot from contracting STD’s.

Bottom line

It is very important that parents educate their children about the sexually transmitted diseases before it’s too late. They should be encouraged for STD testing. Regardless of your sexual habits or age, it is always important to be tested for STD to see where you stand.

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