Ventura County STD Testing Locations

Do you need to find an std testing facility or clinic in the ventura county area or surrounding cities?  Have you slept with someone in the last 24 to 48 hours without protection and you fear that you may have been infected with a sexually transmitted disease that you need checked out by a doctor?  We have locations in every city of the county with doctors waiting to take a blood and urine sample for analysis.  Within 48 hours but usually within 24 your test results will be back in your email as well as a message on your phone.  If you do end up receiving a positive test score for any of the diseases that the 10 panel test picks up, you can immediately and automatically schedule a re-checkup appointment through our system with one of our doctors.  If you are positive for any of the diseases don’t panic or over react; most of the diseases that you may receive are going to be treatable with a round of antibiotics like pencilin.  After a week or less you could be back on the market trying to sleep with members of the opposite sex again.  And remember that the next time you go out for your friend’s birthday, it is incredibly important that you bring a condom with you and force yourself to use it.  Aside from the risk of infection, an unwanted pregnancy also poses a serious risk to young adults that sleep together without the proper protection.  If you or your significant other is taking birth control as your protection be sure that neither of you are infected before hand because even with the pill, infectious diseases can still be passed from one host to a victim.

Our testing facilities are discrete, anonymous and completely confidential.  Any and all billing will be done from a non descript so your results are yours and yours alone.  When receiving a positive test result back it is proper procedure to alert any sexual partners you may have had recent sexual contact with and warn them that they may want to see a doctor on their own accord as well.  This may be a difficult or embarrassing thing to do, especially given the size of the list of people you have been sexually active with over the past few months, be it too many or too little, but for the physical health and well being of these partners they should at least have the opportunity to clear their bodies of the infections and avoid any lasting damage.  All lab analysis is done on site by our own trained physicians, doctors and lab technicians.  We process over 30,000 tests a day nationally and have an accuracy of 99.99%, while other clinics post accuracy scores around the 70% mark which is unacceptable to our staff and organization.

If you happen to be south of Ventura we have a new york, pittsburgh, san antonio and home ventura HIV testing