HIV Testing Ventura

HIV is the infection that creates gotten immunodeficiency syndrome (HELP). You can acquire HIV by discussing blood, seminal fluid and vaginal secretions with an individual infected with the virus, as an example by having sex or sharing needles person. Pregnant women contaminated with HIV can likewise pass the virus to their infants throughout birth or through bust milk. HIV attacks the body immune system of our body so we can not fight germs as well as illness.
Usually, for the first 7-10 years of HIV infection, there are no signs. When signs appear, differ from person to person. Some of the symptoms that many people experience in early stage of HIV illness are: night sweats, high temperature, baffling weight management and also extreme, persistent diarrhea, fatigue (fatigue), queasiness, throwing up, swollen lymph glandulars, migraines, and consistent dry coughing. The last stage of HIV illness is AIDS, where many life-threatening infections could induce serious handicap as well as/ or death. There is no treatment for HIV infection.

Exactly how right after exposure do symptoms appear?

HIV could create signs whenever from the moment of infection until 10 years later or even longer. This will certainly differ from person to person. Many people perplex the time that HIV takes just before triggering signs with the moment it takes for an antibody examination revealing positive for HIV which is 3-6 months after infection or direct exposure.

How long can a contaminated individual bring the virus?

An individual contaminated with the infection will certainly take the physical body for the remainder of his life.

How do you check for HIV?

The HIV test is a blood test that establishes whether the physical body has actually had immune response to the infection. It requires time for the physical body to create such a response. 3 months after infection, the test is 90 % precise. After six months, the examination is 95 % accurate. If you feel you have been subjected to the virus, you should think about getting an HIV test after three months. For peace of mind, you can acquire another examination after 3 months. If you are continuously putting yourself at risk, you are suggested to obtain checked every 6 months.

Exactly how is HIV infection managed?

Usually originally not require any treatment. However, there are now a number of drugs used to reduce the condition. When an individual has AIDS, there are many different drugs used to manage a variety of diseases that could invade the physical body. An individual with HIV infection should talk to your doctor about treatment options.

How can you stop HIV infection?

Given that the infection is passed JUST via 4 body liquids, the best method to stop HIV infection is no contact with blood, sperm, vaginal liquids, or bust milk of an infected person. Abstinence (not making love or discussing needles) is the only 100 % certain method to avoid infection. There is no injection to avoid HIV. If abstinence, monogamy is not experimented a person which does not have HIV infection is the most effective way to avoid becoming contaminated. Monogamy suggests having faithfully one sexual companion for the long term, which likewise adheres to you. Besides these two means, more secure sex is the most safe. Much safer sex means making use of a condom for rectal sex, dental, or vaginal. If you share needles (for medications, steroids, tattoos, or physical body puncturing), tidy. If you are contaminated, alert your family members and also others with which you discuss needles promptly so they can be examined.